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Crime Prevention

We are partnered with Bedfordshire's Violence and Exploitation Reduction Unit as we share a common bond of treating the cause and not just the symptoms of youth violence. We are also a referral point for Youth Offending Teams, Youth Intervention Specialists, charities dealing with exploitation and also schools. 

 We use the sport of boxing as a crime prevention strategy, that improves physical and mental health. It utilises the strengths of discipline, respect, integrity and self worth to empower young people to make positive life changing choices.

It is our belief that these attributes can build strong young people who will be galvanised to reject situations that are likely to cause them or their peers harm. Discipline instils a focused mindset that goes beyond the gym.

The lives of some people can be incredibly chaotic, lacking structure. Boxing training demands that we are reliable, punctual, hard working, conscientious and respectful.

This respect is borne through listening to authority, understanding and accepting that we have limitations, but championing and pushing the boundaries of our strengths.

More importantly, building up those around us, being a team player but ultimately accountable for our own actions. We get out what we put in. Self Worth is the cornerstone of Boxing Saves Lives.

Ultimately this initiative will help the young people involved understand they are worthy of better circumstances. They are important, they are heard and they can use their new skills in their lives outside the gym.

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