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Who are we?

The first UK Boxing Organisation to address Masculinity and Violence Against Women And Girls in schools.

Boxing Saves Lives is a pioneering non profit organisation that works to improve the lives of young people through boxing. We are trauma informed and work with schools, social services, mental health services, youth offending teams and charitable institutions to support young people and their families. 

In December 2019 our founder JP Smith wrote of the threat of gang violence and County Lines  ( and how he believes boxing gyms can be a safe space for young people to keep them from harms way and teach them discipline, respect, enhance their physical and mental health and instil self worth. 

When lockdown began in March 2020, JP created the organisation as he recognised that many young people who had already suffered Adverse Childhood Experiences would be even more vulnerable. And so it transpired. 

Boxing can be used as a way to reinvigorate the wellbeing of almost anyone. At Boxing Saves Lives we change hearts and minds so that those effected by exploitation,  loneliness, exclusion, emotional or physical abuse can find solace in the safe haven of a gym, without feeling fear or judgement. 

Who are we?: Meet the Team




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