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These Girls Can

 What our research has found. 

The sport of women's boxing is on an upward curve, but there is much work to be done. The efforts of female coaches is too often undersold. The barriers to women entering the sport begin with the barrier of women even entering the gym. These things can and must change and we will play our part by getting as many girls as possible involved in the sport.  

We spent every week from May to September 2020 interviewing people involved in boxing and it was no accident that the first person on our list was a female coach.

We interviewed three female coaches/boxers and their concerns and observations are perfectly aligned.

1. They are often the only women in their gym

2. They all have either created or been involved in women only boxing sessions.

3. The feedback they get is that women are overwhelmed by gyms and believe they can be an intimidating environment as they are male dominated.

At Boxing Saves Lives we will be doing everything we can to break down barriers at grass roots level. Yes, boxing gyms are predominantly used by men, but this should never mean to to the detriment of women.

We want to help women to use gym's as a safe space, 

 It needs to be an open door.

We need to win hearts and minds from the bottom up, change perceptions of the sport, celebrate differences rather than erase them.

Women's Boxing : Welcome
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