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Put the phone down!

Have you ever picked your phone up for one thing, and ended up scrolling for half an hour

and then realising you haven't even done the thing you wanted to do?

Ever wondered how you seem to be enslaved by your phone, struggling to avoid answering even the most trivial things straight away?

Ever popped on Youtube to watch a quick video and disappeared down a rabbit hole?

Believe it or not, it may not be as much your fault as you think. Social Media is designed to keep us in one place. On the app. Clicking, updating, messaging, snapping, tweeting or just

plain looking. Nothing is more important than having us on that app.

We miss out on so much of the world around us, with our addiction to our phones.

As an adult, and someone who has studied the Attention Economy for over 2 years I still struggle to put my phone away. But what happens when the technology begins to persuade

us on how we should think?

And with recent violence in America, and the predication of COVID-19 conspiracy theories,

what role has social media taken in influencing how we think and view the world around us?

With the NSPCC stating that there were over 1200 instances of child grooming since Spring lockdown, and with criminal gangs using social media more and more to recruit children, what chance do young people have if they are even more vulnerable just by being on social media.

Have a look at a recent video I recorded to explain how social media can sometimes be more harm than good, and how persuasive technology can change the way we see the world.

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